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When you are researching to pass the Cisco CCNA and CCNP certification examinations, you speedily master that there's often something else to learn. (You can expect to really get on this in your CCIE scientific studies, rely on me!) Right pvc κουφώματα τιμεσ now we will Have a look at an normally-missed topic in Frame Relay, the encapsulation sort. You do not precisely modify this on a daily basis in creation networks (not if you need to remain employed, in any case!), nevertheless it's a significant Examination topic you must be acquainted with.

The DCE and DTE ought to concur on the LMI form, but there is An additional worth that must be arranged by the two DTEs serving as the endpoints of your VC. The Frame encapsulation may be left on the default of Cisco (which can be Cisco-proprietary), or it might be improved for the ετοιμο κουφωμα sector-regular IETF, as revealed under. If a non-Cisco router would be the distant endpoint, IETF encapsulation should be employed. Be aware which the default of Cisco isn't really stated as an alternative by IOS Help, so that you improved know that just one by heart!

R1(config)#int s0

R1(config-if)#encap frame ?

ietf Use RFC1490/RFC2427 encapsulation

R1(config-if)#encap body ietf

What if a physical interface is in use and some distant hosts call for Cisco encapsulation and Some others call for IETF? The encapsulation type could be configured with a for each-PVC foundation likewise. Just one encap sort can be used about the interface, and any map statements that require another encap style might have that laid out in the right map assertion. In the following instance, all PVCs will use the default Cisco encapsulation style except for PVC 115. The body map assertion employing that PVC has ietf specified.

R1(config)#int s0/0

R1(config-if)#encap frame

R1(config-if)#frame map ip 172.12.123.three 123 broadcast

R1(config-if)#body map ip 172.12.123.two 122 ietf broadcast

exhibit frame map reveals us that the mapping to DLCI 123 is using Cisco encapsulation, and DLCI 122 is applying IETF.

R1#exhibit frame map

Serial0 (up): ip 172.twelve.123.three dlci 123(0x7B,0x1CB0), static

broadcast, CISCO, standing outlined, active

Serial0 (up): ip dlci 122(0x7B,0x1CB0), static

broadcast, ietf, standing outlined, Energetic

Just do not forget that Cisco is the default, and all PVCs will use Cisco Except if you specify IETF while in the body map statement itself. You could possibly also change the whole interface to utilize IETF for all mappings With all the frame-relay encapsulation IETF command. For Cisco tests, and work on manufacturing networks, It truly is always a smart idea to know multiple approach to do anything!